3 Things You Need To Know About Unified Communications

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If you work in the business world, you may have heard about unified communications and wondered what it is and how it could impact your company. Unified communications, also called UC for short, refers to the integration of business communications, which can cover voice services, messaging, faxing, email, video collaboration and more. With a single user interface, a company can conduct all the communications it needs. To learn more about this fascinating and useful new technology that’s becoming an increasingly large presence in business, read on.

1. You Can Manage Multiple Documents

Rather than having to check your email account, pick up a fax from the fax machine, photocopy the document and send it back to someone, UC lets you conduct all your document management in one place. You can draft a document, sign it and send it out from a single platform without having to dash around the office to use several different machines. This can potentially save you time and energy during a busy workday.

2. It Could Consolidate Meetings

Many office workers are familiar with the phenomenon of getting stuck in endless, repetitive meetings that take up valuable time in the middle of the workday. To consolidate information and cut back on needlessly lengthy meetings, a UC platform can help employees get their information in one place at the same time. This reduces the need for meetings that take up too much of everyone’s time.

3. It Makes Remote Work Easier

Finally, if you currently have some machines necessary for company communications only available at the office, you may have a hard time working from home and keeping up with other workers. With UC, you can easily work remotely and still communicate well.

If you work in an office or run your own company, you know that coordinating emails, faxes, messages, video conferences and more can be a logistical nightmare. Thankfully, unified communications can provide your company with cutting-edge technology that lets you run all your communications through a single user interface.


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